Music to make you move...

Music to make you reminisce...

Music to make you celebrate...

Music to inspire...

Music to reflect...

Music to release what's good in all of us.


2019-2020 Is my year to bring you..

My mother used music to coax me to dance with her in our living room, when she put on her favorite records. Those songs still resonate today.

I began collecting vinyl, and my turntable was rockin'! Too shy to be the 'Life of the Party' in High School, I felt at home behind the turntables...and that was where I had my 'A-HA' moment! I found the keys to the castle. I was a DJ.

I could blend music, technology and a keen sense of always wanting to please people, to make my mark on the world.

I have cultivated and matured that early talent into a viable, dynamic and relevant career as an MC and DJ.

who is NICK?

...from the beginning of planning our wedding, Nick was always available and made our music planning as stress free as possible...

Nicole + Jeff

...Nick is very respectful and caring. Our wedding was nowhere near traditional and we cannot say enough regarding Nick! He literally ROCKS!!!!!

Kim + Randi

Samantha + Ryan

...and he made our wedding even more special going above and beyond. He recorded a special message from my Grandfather who was quite ill. It was incredible...

All Wedding Packages include our Custom Creative Planning Process, Venue site visits, Wedding day setup & takeaway, Performance, Dance lighting...and memories that will last two lifetimes!

Complete Wedding Packages start at 1395.

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We LOVE playing for kids of all ages and we specialize in the cleanest, edited versions of all todays' and yesterdays' best remixes and hits!

Setup begins 2 hours before anyone arrives. We're set wherever sound needs to be so there's no moving gear once your event begins.

wedding details

Your ceremony includes wireless lapel mics and perfectly timed music for your procession and newlywed exit. These are your choices, and we even discuss timing...because your entrance must be accompanied by just the right crescendo.

Cocktail hour is a festive period, where guests eat, drink and get social. We collaborate on just the right set of tunes to complement the joy in the house.

Grand Entrances...we love them!! Most just introduce the wedding party to music. Imagine creatively introducing them to a few choice phrases which will make them blush...and have your guests in stitches. We have amazing ideas to share, you'll see!

We have some pretty cool ways to engage guests during meal service, toasts and dessert. A little creativity + humor go a long way. 

Picture this...we have your guests gathered around your dancefloor. I then tell a story...about how you both secretly recorded your thoughts about each other, sent them over and I remixed those thoughts into your first dance. And, you share it with each other, and your guests, for the very first time. It's an amazing moment that we plan for in advance, only if you're into it.

Danceparty! We dim the lights, fire up our dancefloor lights and ask your guests to party with you until the very end. We love a fav's list, we love a 'No Way' list, and we encourage guests' requests. We know how to throw a party!


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